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Cocavo Pizza
Pizza is our mid week go to. We love how delicious, easy and great it is for sharing with friends. Cooking the veggies in Cocavo Light before putting them on top of our pizzas is like adding a spoonful of delicious health in every bite! Another slice of pizza pleaaase!
Curry Puffs
Join Gowri as she makes some delicious curry puffs using Cocavo Light as a replacement for oil :)
Oriental Inspired Soup
Join Jerusha as she prepares a delicious Oriental Inspired Soup using Cocavo light. She doesn't like to follow a recipe but the ingredients include Chicken broth, Miso paste, Rice noodles, Ginger, garlic, chilli and some rump steak.
Jaden Leeming uses Cocavo!
Join BMX professional Jaden Leeming as he explains and shows why he chooses Cocavo!
How we make Cocavo!
Cocavo is a family built business based in Whangarei, New Zealand. We have beautifully blended raw cold pressed extra virgin coconut and avocado oil to form the healthiest superfood oil blend you’ve ever experienced.
Cocavo Granola
Join Simone in her kitchen as she walks us through making the BEST granola you'll ever eat! It's simple, delicious and easy to make.
Cocavo Cashew Cheesecake
See the steps needed to make your own delicious raw cashew 'cheesecake'. Try your own and/or let us know how you'd flavour and decorate one?!
Mac N Cheese
Are you ready for some cheesy Mac N Cheese?
This is the macaroni and cheese recipe I grew up on — creamy sauce, chewy pasta, and plenty of cheese.
Paleo Chocolate Mousse Tart
Try this great Paleo Chocolate Mousse Tart Recipe that uses both the Original Cocavo and also the Cocavo Chilli & Lime.
Lets mash that avocado for a fresh and zesty guacamole that's perfect for any occasion. Recipe here using Cocavo oil.
Turmeric and Lemon Cauliflower Salad
This healthy salad will surely put a smile to you face. This is packed full of healthy goodness. Check out the recipe here.