Paleo Chocolate Mousse Tart

Paleo Chocolate Mousse Tart

Try this great Paleo Chocolate Mousse Tart Recipe that uses both the Original COCAVO and also the COCAVO Chilli & Lime.

It looks so decadent and is so good for you!


¾ cup unsweetened Desiccated Coconut
2 ¼ cup Almond Meal
1/3 cup melted COCAVO Original Coconut and Avocado oil plus extra for greasing
1/3 cup honey/ or maple syrup


1 cup Coconut Cream
1/2 cup COCAVO Original Coconut and Avocado oil
1/2 cup COCAVO Chilli and Lime Coconut and Avocado oil
½ cup Cacao Powder
1/3 cup Honey / or Maple Syrup
For decoration (optional) – Almond Flakes
Dark Chocolate


1 Preheat oven to 180C.
2 Grease 9-inch pan with extra coconut oil.
3 To make the crust, place the almond meal, desiccated coconut, raw coconut oil and honey/maple syrup in a bowl and mix to combine.
4 Transfer the dough to the prepared pan and evenly press the dough onto bottom of the pan.
5 Bake in centre of oven until golden and firm, about 12-15 minutes. 6 Remove from the oven and let cool completely.
7 To make the filling, place all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat over low heat, stir until combined.
8 Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend for 2 minutes on high. 9 Pour the filling into the cooled crust and refrigerate for a minimum 4 hours.
10 Decorate with almond flakes (if using) and dark chocolate, slice and serve.


Make sure you get your COCAVO and other ingredients for your recipes from your local COCAVO stockists found here.

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