Cocavo Packaging

We have been reading your feedback concerning the packaging of Cocavo Oils so decided to give you, our valued consumers some information on the packaging, how to open the tub, storage in warm climates etc… The tubs we use are manufactured in New Zealand by Tecpak Industries. The following extract is from Tecpak’s Food Grade Certification:

Tecpak Industries Limited confirms that in the production of its food packaging products, only plastic polymers that comply with United States Regulations 21 CFR part 177.1520 for olefin polymers and part 177.1640 for styrene polymers, and/or EU Directive EU 10/2011, are used.

All additives used in the production process meet United States Regulations 21 CFR Part 177 and Australian Standard AS 2070 -1999.

Tecpak Industries Limited holds evidence of this from their suppliers.
We also confirm that all inks used on Tecpak product are non-toxic.

We chose this particular tub due to its suitability for containing Cocavo Oil, whether the oil is in a solid or liquid state. The tub itself is recyclable, re-usable & Dishwasher safe. We encourage consumers to recycle the empty tub for home use or even give them to their local schools & pre-schools for craft use, storage etc… Some people ask why Cocavo is not packaged in glass jars. The answer is simple, glass jars allow light to affect the oil which speeds up the oxidation process causing rancidity. By using our food safe tubs, we have eliminated this problem.

The tub has what we in the industry call a “Tamper Evident” Lid. This means you need to break the seal on the side of the lid to gain easy access to the lid edge. From there it is very easy to peel the lid off, and of course replacing the lid is as simple as pushing it back onto the tub rim.

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We have had reports of the oil leaking from the tub

We have extensively tested the integrity of the tub under a number of harsh conditions including dropping it from height (1.8m), playing football with it and also heating the oil to 104F then squeezing the tub to test for leakage. Even under these harsh conditions, the tub did not leak oil. The only reason oil leakage may be a problem is if the tub has been very badly treated or perhaps was sent by air where pressures may be an issue.

We recommend to customers living in hot climates to treat Cocavo Oil like butter or margarine & keep their Cocavo Oil in the refrigerator or at least a cool place below 70F. Because Cocavo contains Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, you will find it is not as hard as regular coconut oil when kept in the refrigerator, so is easy to get out of the tub.

We do ask if any of our valued customers have an issue with the tub leaking or find it particularly difficult to open, that you please contact us so we can assist you.

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