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Cocavo – Turmeric Extraction

Turmeric is a treasure. Turmeric is a member of the Ginger family and shares some of the actions of ginger, but with less spicy heat. It is one of the most researched medicinal herbs.

Turmeric has been used in cooking for centuries. Turmeric is the spice that gives curries and Butter Chicken their glowing golden hue. But it’s not just a tasty spice. It is an important herb in traditional medicine. In curries it aids digestion by stimulating the liver and gastric juices. It stokes the inner fire and warms you up. Something we all need to get through winter.

Turmeric helps with inflammation, aids the body’s immune response, protects the liver, and reduces the size of tumours. (Isn’t that amazing!) It has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. It helps with weight-loss by controlling blood sugar spikes, and can help with diabetic control. In scientific studies curcumin, a derivative of turmeric, was found to be as effective as ibuprofen for reducing inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis, without the gastric distress of the drug.

Cocavo uses a two-step process when extracting Turmeric oil, the first stage is to shred the raw turmeric into a pulp. Typically the shredding process uses a steel rotating disc, pulp is loaded into a large feeding tube and falls into a filter bag. The second process is the hydraulic press, this exposes the shredded turmeric to extreme pressures between two plates. The pressure causes the oil content from the pulp to drip into a collection tray below. Once the oil has been extracted from the pulp we take it to the Cocavo blending plant where it’s added into ‘Cocavo with Turmeric and Lemon’.

Cocavo selected as Finalists in 2 categories at 2017 NZ Food Awards

Cocavo is proud and excited to announce that our products have been selected as Finalists in 2 categories in the 2017 NZ Food Awards.
We have been selected as finalists in the Novel Ingredients & Food Safety Culture categories which is awesome.
The team at Cocavo have put a lot of time & effort into developing & producing the range of Cocavo cooking oils currently on the market. Of significance is being selected as finalists in the Ministry of primary Industries Food Safety Culture category. We take food safety very seriously, so to gain recognition for this is testament to the hard work and attention to detail that all of Cocavos’ team members demonstrate throughout our manufactiring processes.

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Cocavo Packaging

We have been reading your feedback concerning the packaging of Cocavo Oils so decided to give you, our valued consumers some information on the packaging, how to open the tub, storage in warm climates etc… The tubs we use are manufactured in New Zealand by Tecpak Industries. The following extract is from Tecpak’s Food Grade Certification:

Tecpak Industries Limited confirms that in the production of its food packaging products, only plastic polymers that comply with United States Regulations 21 CFR part 177.1520 for olefin polymers and part 177.1640 for styrene polymers, and/or EU Directive EU 10/2011, are used.

All additives used in the production process meet United States Regulations 21 CFR Part 177 and Australian Standard AS 2070 -1999.

Tecpak Industries Limited holds evidence of this from their suppliers.
We also confirm that all inks used on Tecpak product are non-toxic.

We chose this particular tub due to its suitability for containing Cocavo Oil, whether the oil is in a solid or liquid state. The tub itself is recyclable, re-usable & Dishwasher safe. We encourage consumers to recycle the empty tub for home use or even give them to their local schools & pre-schools for craft use, storage etc… Some people ask why Cocavo is not packaged in glass jars. The answer is simple, glass jars allow light to affect the oil which speeds up the oxidation process causing rancidity. By using our food safe tubs, we have eliminated this problem.

The tub has what we in the industry call a “Tamper Evident” Lid. This means you need to break the seal on the side of the lid to gain easy access to the lid edge. From there it is very easy to peel the lid off, and of course replacing the lid is as simple as pushing it back onto the tub rim.

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We have had reports of the oil leaking from the tub

We have extensively tested the integrity of the tub under a number of harsh conditions including dropping it from height (1.8m), playing football with it and also heating the oil to 104F then squeezing the tub to test for leakage. Even under these harsh conditions, the tub did not leak oil. The only reason oil leakage may be a problem is if the tub has been very badly treated or perhaps was sent by air where pressures may be an issue.

We recommend to customers living in hot climates to treat Cocavo Oil like butter or margarine & keep their Cocavo Oil in the refrigerator or at least a cool place below 70F. Because Cocavo contains Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, you will find it is not as hard as regular coconut oil when kept in the refrigerator, so is easy to get out of the tub.

We do ask if any of our valued customers have an issue with the tub leaking or find it particularly difficult to open, that you please contact us so we can assist you.

Coromandel Sea Food Festival


With its pristine waters our Coromandel Harbour is renowned for its mussel and oyster farms and beautiful views. Cocavo had a great weekend showcasing it’s healthy oils to the Coromandel locals and visitors. Derek the Chef was cooking delicious food using Cocavo and his creations were admired by many. Cocavo was very well received and will make an excellent addition to many of the visitors meals. Get yours now at .

Cocavo mixes up the healthy oil market


Jane Wolfe the deputy editor of Natural Products News has written about how Cocavo is mixing up the healthy oil market (literally mixing two of the leading oils). You can read what she wrote below of follow this link onto the full article:

“Containing high levels of monounsaturated fat, vitamin E and plant sterols, the company is calling it ‘the world’s healthiest coconut oil blend’, as it has less saturated fat than regular coconut oil, all the benefits of avocado oil, and all the cooking and health qualities of both.

With a very high smoke point, Cocavo is suitable for a variety of cooking styles.

The raw, cold-pressed oil is additive-free, cholesterol-free, GM-free and contains no contaminants or trans fats. The oils are 100% natural and derived from renewable sources.” – Natural Products Magazine

Kosher Kiwi Certified

Kosher certification is a process that Cocavo has followed to ensure that all of our oils are kosher, or in other words, fit for consumption by observant Jews. Kosher refers to a religious dietary practice that is rooted in Jewish tradition. Cocavo continues to break down barriers that could prevent the world from accessing “The world’s best Coconut Oil Blend”.


Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Here at Cocavo we have adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework for measuring our impact on society. By incorporating sustainability into our core business model we can ensure the development of Cocavo will support the Global Goals initiative.

We are committed to the Global Goals and we have set three primary focuses for the next 5 years:

  • Promote decent work and economic growth in all aspects of our production chain.
  • Take steps to continually improve our industry, innovation and infrastructure.
  • Continue improving responsible consumption and production methods.

The role of the private sector to advance sustainable development is increasing in importance. Cocavo strives to be the industry leader.

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Northern Advocate Article

Northland looks set to be the launching pad for a new global food product. Cocavo, made from a combination or organic coconut and avocado oils, has just had a “soft launch” in Whangarei and is positioned to fulfil the expectations of its investors who predict it to be this decade’s hottest new food item. See the full article below: